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I am new to hibernate and still learning the basics. I'd appreciate if someone can point me in the right direction.

I have a class:


  • id
  • name
  • longitude
  • latitude

I can read destinations based on id with something like this:

List result = session.createQuery("from Destination as d where").list();

However, I want to read destinations from database using name. I can perhaps write something like this as a query:

String name;  // name set somewhere else, say a function argument
List result = session.createQuery("from Destination as d where LIKE %"+name).list();

I believe this will yield all destinations with names similar to (variable) name.

Is there something inbuilt in hibernate for such use cases or is there a better way to handle this ?

EDIT: One thing that follows from my thought process is: name column on destination db table will have an index setup. Can I map this index in some way to the Destination class using hibernate ?

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You could build your query by concatenating strings. A more elegant solution would be to use the Hibernate Criteria API.

You query would then look something like:

List result = session.createCriteria(Destination.class)
                  .add("name", "%" + name)
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