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As per the developer road map - offline access is being deprecated. So whats the alternative ? I know we can get extended token that will expire in 60 days, but how about the offline access ? The documentation isnt clear about weather this token works on or not when user is not logged in.

See FB.logout It says calling FB.logout will invalidate any existing token unless you have offline_access permission, How does this affect to new extended token ? If it invalidates the extended token as well, is there any alternative.

The old offline_access permission would let the app make calls to graph API even when user isn't logged in, does the extended token work in same way ? if not what's the alternative ?

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There will be no way to get requests on behalf of users.

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You're app will also be vulnerable to the user logging out. We are still in under the temporary offline_access but as soon as the user logs out of their browser session on facebook the credential generated at the time is no longer valid. It's a huge bummer for async apps.

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