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I would like to group concat srno(Last column). When i did group by with loginid then this query retrieving value 349 for totalcount. And When i group by with srno then retrieving total 349 Records.

But When i did group_concat srno and group by with loginid then there are total 148 srno found in AllSrno column.

Why the diffrence is there ?

select count(srno) as totalcount,
       sum(UNIX_TIMESTAMP(logintim)) as login,
       UNIX_TIMESTAMP(ADDTIME(logouttime, '12:59:59')),
       sum(if ((UNIX_TIMESTAMP(logouttime) < UNIX_TIMESTAMP(logintim)),
        UNIX_TIMESTAMP(ADDTIME(logouttime, '12:00:00')), UNIX_TIMESTAMP(
        logouttime))) as logout1,
       UNIX_TIMESTAMP(logouttime) as logout,
       GROUP_CONCAT(srno SEPARATOR ',') as AllSrno
from userlog
where logouttime != '0000-00-00' and
      disablelog = 'N' and
       INTERVAL - 1 year)) and
      logintim != '0000-00-00' and
      left (logintim, 10) < '2011-09-13' and
       - 48 hour)) and
      loginid = 'anita'
GROUP by loginid 

Any help would be greatly appriciated.

Thanks a lot.

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Because GROUP_CONCAT works inside your group. For every group, it's going to concat the rows that are in it, it's not going to concat your groups additionally as a whole. What is the output you're trying to get? And what does it mean 'there are total 148 srno found'? The query returned 148 rows or the function concatenated 148 values together? –  Naltharial Jan 30 '12 at 8:24
yes,The function concatenated 148 values together. –  Bajrang Jan 30 '12 at 9:59
Because MySQL GROUP-ed your rows by loginid and each of these groups (or, the one you checked), I assume, had 148 rows in it that were then CONCAT-ed. You should read up on what GROUP BY actually does. You also need to state what exactly you want as output. I'm guessing you want to wrap everything as a derived table and run the GROUP_CONCAT function a level higher to get the srnos for each distinct loginid concatenated. –  Naltharial Jan 30 '12 at 10:09
@Naltharial - Actually my problem has been solved with the help of SET group_concat_max_len = lengthValue, Because group_concat function has default length 1024 char, The total characters for 148 values are equal to 1024 chars. Thanks for your response :) –  Bajrang Jan 30 '12 at 10:16
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