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What is the idea behind implementing a tagging system like stackoverflow? This is a question for the front-end implementation of it. What are some libraries that are available out there that will allow me to create a front-end tagging system with auto-complete and tag separator like the one stackoverflow/pivotal tracker uses?

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Have a look at this jQuery Plugin: iog3.com/322/… –  Adam Sep 3 '13 at 10:31

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jQuery UI autocomplete is a good start. Here is an example that shows multiple selections in a single textbox.

And here is the documentation on using multiple values with a jQuery UI autocomplete. I've used the autocomplete in several projects for a variety of purposes, including a tagging UI.

Of course, you need a handler to receive the selected values, but that's pretty trivial with AJAX. Your question was about front-end implementation, so I assume you have your back-end data structures covered.

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seems like a good start, it allows autocomplete by using hardcoded or ajax options(various other cool options too), not to mention almost all the front-end nice stuff

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