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I'm now developing an app with reflect effect. I tried to assign a VisualBrush to Rectangle.Fill as:

   <VisualBrush Opacity="0.75" Stretch="None" Visual="{Binding ElementName=ReflectedVisual}">

And VS reports VisualBrush doesn't exist in my xml namespace. I manually added it to the XAML file using:


And added the reference DLL as well. However, now VS says that I cannot assign a VisualBrush to a property of class Brush.

This seemed weird to me, as I recalled the same code worked well on Vista. Does anyone know if there's anything I'm missing here?


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Metro has little to do with Vista. You'll have to work with the brush classes that are available in the Windows.UI.Xaml.Media namespace.… – Hans Passant Jan 28 '12 at 13:12
You might want to vote for it here:… – JP Hellemons Jan 2 '13 at 8:19
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Metro apps do not have the same set of XAML brushes, resources and elements available as in WPF.

A work-around would have been to use a WriteableBitmap and use the Render method to draw the element to the bitmap. Unfortunately the current version does not support the Render method.

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