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I am fine with all the buttons of nicedit for my website. But i would like to remove upload button of the editor in one of my website. I got an option of ppulating button list, but i am searching for setting like:

fullPanel: true, hideButton: 'upload'

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why don't you hide it from the property? ..visible=false –  jjj Jan 28 '12 at 9:30

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The plugin does not seem to have a hideButton option.
You can either have the full button list, or explicitely choose the buttons to show with the buttonList option.


I was thinking that maybe you could hide it using CSS but the plugin does add any class or IDs to the buttons so it would make it pretty unreliable to target.

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hm.. after checking the documentation, I also came to notice the only way we are doing is the correct one. It needs to add one more option RemoveButtons –  KoolKabin Jan 29 '12 at 1:48

Just put buttons that you need.

new nicEditor({buttonList : ['fontSize','bold','italic','underline','strikeThrough','subscript','superscript','html','image']}).panelInstance('area1');
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You can go to nicEdit.js try to find .. buttonList .. at there you can see button list. Delete the ,upload

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