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if I had one PHP page, and based on the id passed to it the content it loads would be different, and then I rewrite the URL.

How will this affect the SEO? I understand that it would be better to have each page as a separate page, but the data for that page is added to the DB and the page loads it dynamically.

Each .php?id=.. will have its own page rewrite and be lined on the page.

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Get a better rewriting scheme. Have a table mapping human readable names to ids:

|  id     |  name        |
|  1      | main_page    |
|  2      | comment_page |

Then have a rewrite rule the rewrites http://www.yoursite.com/${NAME} into http://www.yoursite.com/pagething.php?name=${NAME}. Then do a lookup to get the id from the name, and display the page as usual.

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