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The function query_position(gst.FORMAT_BYTES, None)[0] returns me the no. of bytes in the pipeline after gstreamer has decoded the video/audio. I want to know the no. of bytes of the source file that were consumed to decode till this point of time. Is there a function in gstreamer API to do this?

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Finally I did this: stackoverflow.com/questions/9044262/… –  prongs Feb 15 '12 at 4:59

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Please read the seeking chapter from pygst docs. You can replace pos_int = self.player.query_position(gst.FORMAT_TIME, None)[0] with your version to get the bytes in real time. They are using thread object.

You can also add the timeout method. In Python its gobject.timeout_add(interval, callback, ...)

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I have received the download data size in souphttpsrc source using onGotChunk event. This onGotChunk is MPEGDASH specific patch for souphttpsrc element.

In general gboolean gst_element_query_duration (GstElement *element, GstFormat format, gint64 *duration); this API can be used. Pass source element as a 1st argument to this function and check.

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