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i'm a novice at GXT. Even i am not good at English..

I have a problem with GXT:BorderLayoutContainer (I use GXT 3.0.0 Beta.2)

I wanna fill up BodrderLayoutConatainer in Browser, but I don't know How to do it.

In GXT 2.4, I can use Fitable, but, 3.0 there are not Fitable.

How can I do this in UiBinder?(in Xml)

Thanks in advance.

//my source

<container:SimpleContainer borders="true" styleName="style.test">
    <container:BorderLayoutContainer borders="true" resize="false">
            <gxt:ContentPanel resize="false" >
                <button:TextButton text="north/contents/Button"></button:TextButton>
            <container:SimpleContainer resize="false" borders="true"  >
                <button:TextButton text="center/simple/Button" ></button:TextButton>
            <button:TextButton text="ABC" borders="true"></button:TextButton>

Dong ju

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The SimpleContainer is unnecessary in this case. Additionally, when you are using the css classes in the ui:style, make sure you wrap them in {} brackets, so you have styleName="{style.test}" instead of styleName="style.test".

But on the topic at hand, add the BorderLayoutContainer to a Viewport, and add that to the page, and it will be sized to the page. This can probably be done in UiBinder, though I haven't tried.

Viewport's job is to size itself (and its children) to the available window space. SimpleContainer sizes its children to itself - it isn't often used when building a UI, but is extended to make other containers (FieldLabel is one example of this).

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Thanks for your help. I solve this problem. Problem is BorderLayout's turn. Now, I know that. Center is Last turn, but I not follow.. Thanks for your Advice, Again. – Dongju Jung Jan 30 '12 at 18:47
I'm not sure what you mean by 'turn', but I think you need to move the <container:center> element until after the <container:south> element. If I am misunderstanding you, it might be good to make a new question with a code sample and the error you are getting. Please accept the answer if it fixes your problem. – Colin Alworth Jan 31 '12 at 4:35
Yes, I can't understanding before because i'm not good at English... So, I'm sure "Wow, I solve this Problem!!". But.. I can't.. Now, I solve this problem to BorderLayoutData and ViewPort. Thank you Colin. If, I have problem again, I waiting your help.. P.S. Sorry, This is my first stackoverflow so I don't know about accept the answer.. I gonna find Accept your answer Button :) – Dongju Jung Jan 31 '12 at 8:12
The sencha forums might be another good place to post for specific questions about GXT - you probably want to start in the Question/Answer forum sencha.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?100-Ext-GWT-Q-amp-A. The code samples for the uibinder+BorderLayoutContainer might help too sencha.com/examples-dev/… – Colin Alworth Jan 31 '12 at 16:48

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