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How to measure Python modules' import loading times/latencies in AppEngine?

I want to receive such report:

module_name -> 1s

I have implemented/tested some solutions based on sys.path_hooks and __import__ patching but it works with pure Python but not with AppEngine.

Can anyone with experience in AppEngine/Python or pure Python suggest/share some hint?

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Google App Engine caches imports and this is probably messing things up for path_hooks.
Since imported are caches they usually won't cause any major problems in the production environment.

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The problem is latency with load it could cause deadline exceed exception since 60s time limit - as you said if it loads it will be fast - problem is with loading latencies. If you use a lot of modules could be problem since each could do some not lazy caching (prepare data before it need). –  Chameleon Jan 28 '12 at 12:46
You can still test it locally, and improvement that you will do locally will also effect on the server. –  Shay Erlichmen Jan 28 '12 at 19:10
Sure but timee is money and results will be different than on production server - not worthy - I do such solution ... –  Chameleon Jan 28 '12 at 23:40
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I found such solution to track times on App Engine - not fully threadsafe - what you think?


# coding=utf-8
## \authors Cezary K. Wagner

from threading import Lock

__indent = 0
__patched = False

def logImports():
  global __patched
  if __patched == True:

  import time
  import logging
#  import inspect
  import __builtin__

  original__import__ = __builtin__.__import__

  def patched__import__(name, *args):
    global __indent
    lock = Lock()
    spaces = ' ' * (__indent * 2)
#    callerFrame = inspect.currentframe().f_back
#    moduleName = callerFrame.f_globals['__name__']
#    lineNumber = callerFrame.f_lineno
#    logging.debug('%simport start %s %s:%s.' % (spaces, name, moduleName, lineNumber))
    __indent += 1
    start = time.clock()
      module = original__import__(name, *args)
      delta = time.clock() - start
    # import could fail
      __indent -= 1
    if delta >= 1.0:
      logging.debug('%simport end %s in %ss' % (spaces, name, delta))
    return module

  __builtin__.__import__ = patched__import__
  __patched = True


from module import logImports

import math
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