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Has anyone had experience with using third party components in Sharepoint please? I am considering using Infragistics or Telerik. But would love to hear any case studies of how these or any others can integrate well with sharepoint. I am using Sharepoint 2010

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Take look at the SharePoint Kits from the most famous .NET components vendors:





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There are some Frameworks or Controls which don't work well in SharePoint. In SharePoint you always have to care about multiple Servers in a farm. There are also some JavaScript Controls which are great, for example I couldn't get ExtJS working with SharePoint 2010.

In my opinion it's safer to use Silverlight and use the fancy UI controls inside of a Silverlight component. By doing it this way, we could ensure that we don't harm the SharePoint farm.

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SharePoint is still an ASP.Net application and so I really don't think there will be any issues.

There are lot of clients I worked/working with who uses Telerik with SP2010

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SharePoint is .NET 3.5. Make sure your components don't need 4.0 – Jamie F Jan 29 '12 at 3:01

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