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I'm trying to port this sample facebook oauth 2.0 auth from webapp to cherrypy. however it always return a None value in self.current_user. I think I'm having trouble with settings cookies here. any corrections? see source code here

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I think that your suspicious about the way that you are setting the cookie are right, you are just building the cookie (the string) and never really use the value, you should use cherrypy.response.cookie not Cookie.BaseCookie, set_cookie should be like this:

def set_cookie(name, value, domain=None, path="/", expires=None):
    """Generates and signs a cookie for the give name/value"""
    timestamp = str(int(time.time()))
    value = base64.b64encode(value)
    signature = cookie_signature(value, timestamp)
    cookie = cherrypy.response.cookie
    cookie[name] = "|".join([value, timestamp, signature])
    cookie[name]["path"] = path
    if domain: 
        cookie[name]["domain"] = domain
    if expires:
      cookie[name]["expires"] = email.utils.formatdate(expires,
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I also asked this question on CherryPy users group and Sylvain made some notes which I will take a look at. here is the link groups.google.com/group/cherrypy-users/browse_thread/thread/… btw i'l check back at your code. –  Ronnie Beltran Feb 8 '12 at 10:27

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