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I have developed a java program that runs fine in Mac OS X (10.6.7). But if I click on another window such as Finder or another application, my program freezes, or the graphics are not updated anymore. If I click on my program again the graphics are updated again and runs well.

Does anyone know what that can be?

I coded it with the LWJGL and slick libraries.


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"Does anyone know what that can be?" The code. – Andrew Thompson Jan 28 '12 at 13:41

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Taken from here:

By default slick will not render anything if it does not have focus, so good practice for applets is to set


so that it always renders even when it doesn't have focus.

This seems to refer to GameContainer.setAlwaysRender. Although the forum post talks about applet, both AppGameContainer (standalone-application) and AppletGameContainer.Container extend from it.

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