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Is it possible to change the div's font-size depending on how many characters are in it? I have image album titles in small fixed width div's (100px). Sometimes the album names have too many characters that they force a new line. So I was wondering if it is possible to re-size the font to keep the title on one line?

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Yes, by assigning a variable to a style tag:

$random_number = '42';
    $font_size = '10pt';
    $font_size = '14pt';
<div style="font_size:<?php echo $font_size; ?>">
    <?php echo $div_string; ?>
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To ensure that you'll get a "safe" size in most cases, be sure to base $random_number on the number of, say, M's that will fit within 100 pixels (as opposed to, say, i's ;-)). There are ways to do stuff like this accurately using javascript (iterate over font-sizes in a hidden div and measure its resulting width), but it's rather unseemly. –  JimmiTh Jan 28 '12 at 13:22

There is not a css way to do it you can use javascript or text-overflow in css3

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