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I m new to heroku. I deployed my rails 3 application in heroku and it is running successfully. My need is to integrate this application to a facebook canvas application. My doubt is whether i need to create a new app with cloud hosting services in facebook or i can use my existing heroku app? If so, how can i make use of existing heroku app in facebook.?

Thanks in advance.

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To get your Heroku Rails app running in a Facebook canvas:

  1. Go to your Facebook application's settings page: https://developers.facebook.com/apps/<app_id>/summary
  2. Enter your Heroku app's URL into both the Canvas URL and Secure Canvas URL fields

Note: Facebook requires SSL (https) for all canvas apps. If you don't have a certificate, just add the free Piggyback SSL plugin on your Heroku app: http://addons.heroku.com/ssl

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thanks. it worked. – Rajeswari Jan 30 '12 at 1:54
This is slightly outdated as the Cedar stack (default for new Heroku apps) does away with the Piggyback SSL add-on. All cedar apps get SSL out of the box at their app-name.herokuapp.com address - which is usually fine for Facebook apps as the domain name is never shown. If you do want a full domain cert (for a hybrid FB app) the Expedited SSL add-on is the quickest way: addons.heroku.com/expeditedssl – Mike Buckbee May 24 '14 at 4:41

Go to your app settings and enter in the URL to your website into the canvas app settings section.

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