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I wrote the following code as part of my project work. I need to print i value based on the number of ;(semi colons) in the input string. But the while loop is not getting executed. It is returning errors. I tried lot of alternatives but could not figure it out.

c= echo $IN | tr -dc ';' | wc -c 
echo $c 
while [ $i -le $c ]; 
    echo $i
    i=`expr $i + 1` 
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You need to change this:

c= echo $IN | tr -dc ';' | wc -c 

to this:

c=`echo $IN | tr -dc ';' | wc -c`

so that echo $IN | tr -dc ';' | wc -c is run, and its output saved in c — just like you're already doing for i later in the script:

i=`expr $i + 1` 
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Well if you can use awk, it's much shorter and easier:

echo $IN | awk '{ print length(gensub("[^;]","","g",$0)) }'
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There's no need for looping once you have a string of ;. The shell can count the characters in a variable for you with ${#variable}.

$ IN="aa;bb;cc;"
$ c=$(echo $IN | tr -dc ';')
$ echo ${#c}
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