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I have installed ActivePerl, and I would like to debug a Perl program using Eclipse and EPIC.

I have installed Eclipse and EPIC, they look OK. (It's doing basic syntax checking on an example Perl program). I then used PPM to install PadWalker (since that's what they say is needed to use the step debugger).

Now, in Eclipse, when I try to step through the program, I get the error: "Error: install PadWalker module to see local variables".

In PPM, I notice that it had installed PadWalker in area: "site", while all other Perl modules are installed in area: "perl".

For area: "site", @INC shows: ... .../Environments/Active Perl/site/lib

and for area: "perl", @INC shows: ... .../Environments/Active Perl/lib

What should I do?

My system: Windows 7 x64.

Thanks in advance - Helen

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perl (modules that come with Perl) vs site (modules that didn't come with Perl) is a red herring. Both are searched for modules. Sorry I can't help you more than that. My only guess is that you have more than one install of Perl, and Padwalker is not installed in the one EPIC is using. – ikegami Jan 28 '12 at 21:54

I found the answer in another forum. One has to install the "testing" EPIC version. Then the debugger works. (only after a certain bug in is fixed). (On Windows).

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