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I'm trying to extract the page names from a httpclient response. I want to use regex to extract all the links that are in the /bts format. (this part is working fine and im not gettin any undesired links) ex:when the pattern is " bts/pagename.htm">Name of link " i want that pagename to be extracted. I have it working to extract the full example above but I can't seem to extract just the page without the the rest of the pattern. The patten im matching is bts/ to but I dont wanna keep them in my output. I guess really i want pagenames that start with bts/ and end in .htm Maybe its impossible Im not sure

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make your example a little more clear please. – RanRag Jan 28 '12 at 16:39

Do you want to extract the character sequence of filename?

I'm not very good at regular expression. But maybe you can try this

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