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I've done a good search to see if anyone else has asked this question, it seems not. I find this pretty strange as it is easy to extract the path From TShellTreeView.Path and you get the fully qualified path.

However I tried as hard as I could looking through all the properties and methods of the class itself in the editor - no documentation - and the only likely string properties I could find where the captions for the tlistitems, which turn out to be blank. Also the 'selected' property turns out to be blank.

So the question is simply, how can I extract the name of any file - or files - that are selected in a TShellListView component. Also I do have the four Shell components linked and working, you can choose a drive, browse the directory structure, choose a mask and browse to the file you want.



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if you don't have activated the MultiSelect property check the SelectedFolder.PathName property, otherwise you can iterate over the Items and check the Selected property.

Try this

function GetSelectedFiles(ShellListView : TShellListView) : TStringList;
  Index : Integer;
  if not ShellListView.MultiSelect then
  for Index := 0 to ShellListView.Items.Count-1 do
    if ShellListView.Items[Index].Selected AND (not ShellListView.Folders[Index].IsFolder) then
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Thank you very much. –  Muscipula Jan 28 '12 at 19:25
Incidently, where can I find documentation for the tshelllistview, etc, components? Muscipula –  Muscipula Feb 24 at 18:12
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