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a and b are values of Iterator[String] type. I need c to include all the elements of a and b. Surprisingly I can't figure out how to achieve this. May you happen to know?

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++ operator will do that work.
An example:

scala> val a = "abcd".combinations(2)
//a: Iterator[String] = non-empty iterator

scala> val b = "efg".combinations(2)
//b: Iterator[String] = non-empty iterator

scala> val c = a++b
//c: Iterator[String] = non-empty iterator

scala> c.toList
//res0: List[String] = List(ab, ac, ad, bc, bd, cd, ef, eg, fg)
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Well, it's not really an operator, but it's still good reference. –  Sarge Borsch Jun 5 at 15:30

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