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I want to run a bit of Java in Scala console. Here's what I get:

scala> String.format("hello %d",3);
<console>:8: error: overloaded method value format with alternatives:
  (java.util.Locale,java.lang.String,<repeated...>[java.lang.Object])java.lang.String <and>
 cannot be applied to (java.lang.String, Int)
              String.format("hello %d",3);

Why Scala can't recognize which method to call, if argument set is different, and the ones I provide are quite unambigous?

What is strange, the same message appears also when I try to call function with arguments which don't match to any of both argument sets, e.g. String.format()

I was using scala 2.9.1

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Your arguments don't match the function prototype. You're calling the function with second argument scala.Int which is not a java.lang.Object.

Convert it to java.lang.Integer and it will work.

See also boxing and unboxing in Scala.

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I recommend to use the new String interpolators available in Scala 2.10.X. They are easier to use.

  val x = 3
  String.format("hello %d", x: Integer)

would be simply:

  val x =3 
  s"hello $x"
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Also, you can let Scala do the boxing for you:

String.format("hello %d", 3: Integer)
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String.format("hello %d",3.asInstanceOf[java.lang.Object]);
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-1: Duplicate answer. – sschaef Oct 1 '12 at 12:52

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