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I want to develop an Android Application with in-App purchasing using Paypal Api. According to the requirements of the Application the users (Buyers and Sellers) should have the paypal account and I am the owner of the app and I don't require it. I mean the transaction will be directly between the Buyers and Sellers so my question is 'Is it necessary to have a paypal merchant account in order to use their API? If yes! I live in Pakistan and paypal doesn't offer its services here. What should I do ? Is there anyother way ?

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I think you need used PayPal.initWithAppID API using the merchant's unique application ID (appID) that PayPal has provided.

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As a transaction broker, the easiest implementation would be to ask the sellers to provide something like a "Buy Now" button.

Since this will be an Android app and it involves monetary transactions, I recommend to to read the Android Market Developer Distribution Agreement and the Android Market Developer Program Policies, in particular the sections related to payments.

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