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i am using ADFS 2.0 with .net 2.0 web applciation i am trying to get on my web application but it comes as empty. what claims rule do i need to set to get this value? i have tried Transform Incoming Claim Incoming Claim type: AD FS 1.x UPN Outgoing Claim Type: Name ID Outgoing name ID format : UPN

i have also tried send Ldap Attributes as Claims Attribute STore:Active Directory

LDAP-Attribute Outgoing Claim Type SAM-Account-Name SamAccountName Token-Groups- Unqailfied Names Group User-Principal-Name AD FS 1.x UPN

my code used to work with ADFS 1.0 i changed the fs url to adfs2.0 and i started to see this issue.

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Have you tried a pass through rule of "Name"?

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You'll need to send the "Name" claim through as nzpcmad suggests. Alternatively, in your web app's WIF configuration you can set the NameClaimType to something other than the default ("Name" is the default, hence). It will then use a claim of that type to fill the Name property on the thread's principal identity.

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