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I'm trying to implement Valum's file uploader (improved by Ben Colon https://github.com/bencolon/file-uploader) and I'm running into a problem. Previously, my upload.php had the upload target set in accordance to certain input fields. See here:

//Directory where files are stored
if ($grade == '9')
$target = "storage/g9/";
elseif ($grade == '10')
$target = "storage/g10/";
elseif ($grade == '11')
$target = "storage/g11/";
elseif ($grade == '12')
$target = "storage/g12/";

$target = $target . $_POST['snumber'] . "." . $extension;    
move_uploaded_file($_FILES['upload']['tmp_name'], $target);

Now, with an AJAX based file uploader it starts uploading before you even hit submit so PHP doesn't get a chance to pickup the input fields to decide what the upload path is going to be, it can only go to a predefined one. To see how the AJAX file uploader does it, view their PHP on GitHub. How do I make it so the upload path changes depending on the user input fields?

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I believe PHP needs to know where to save the file as soon as you start uploading it. But, you can move the file once it's finished uploading, via PHP's rename() function.

There's also move_uploaded_file() (although I've never used it myself).

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So are you suggesting I have a secondary temp folder? I understand PHP uploads work like this: client --> server's php temp folder --> path you set in php script. So instead of this, after PHP's default temp folder, move it to a SECOND temp folder where it's held till AJAX finished uploading and then move it again at the end of the upload script to where I want to move it? –  Ved Petkar Jan 29 '12 at 0:15

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