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I need to store a huge number in a PHP variable (it's for a programming contest if you're wondering why). However, if the number is too big, it gets displayed as 6.2995416979471E+77. Is there a way to store that huge number in PHP?

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"Display" and "store" are two different things. You're successfully storing 6.2995416979471E+77 (which is a very sizeable number) and displaying it. Are you expecting it to be displayed differently? Are you trying to store an integer or is there a fractional part? – Johnsyweb Jan 29 '12 at 1:33

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integers have a limited size of 32 or 64bit, depending on your architecture.
floats can store values of any size, but are imprecise.

If you want to work with giant, precise numbers, use strings and the BC Math extension.

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And fwiw: you can check your max int with: echo PHP_INT_MAX; – Wrikken Jan 29 '12 at 1:36
$bigNumber = 1234567890; // etc
echo number_format($bigNumber, 0);
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Have you tried PHP's BCMath arbitrary precision functions? They use strings to represent numbers.

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