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I'm making an app that displays a custom notification in the notification bar, and would like to show the user a preview of their notification from inside the activity that creates the notification.

Is there a way through the Android API to get the height in pixels, or dip of a notification, so that I can match what the notification would look like as accurately as possible? Or does anyone know the height of notifications in Android 3.0 and later?

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the default notification bar height is 38 in hdpi, 25 in mdpi and 19 in ldpi

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So in DIP, is it 25*160? –  ertemplin Jan 29 '12 at 2:46
should have specified the unit, either DP or PX. –  xmen W.K. Sep 20 '14 at 2:24

You can create an xml layout for that notification, and that way control how big it is. Details can be found here.

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These guidelines from the official documentation will answer questions regarding which sizes a developer should use. Methods to get the actual size of a Drawable can be found here.

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