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If I'm on my /log_in page, how would I to make it show the sign_up link and vice versa?

<% if /sign_up do %>
   <%= link_to "Sign up", sign_up_path %>
<% else %>
   <%= link_to "Login", log_in_path %>
<% end %>

Lets say the routes mapped to:

get "/sign_up" => "devise/registrations#new"
get "/log_in" => "devise/sessions#new"

Since I am using Devise. How would this be with the Devise routes?

Thank you.

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Name your routes with as: so that you can use sign_up_path and log_in_path:

get "sign_up" => "devise/registrations#new", as: "sign_up"
get "log_in" => "devise/sessions#new", as: "log_in"

I assume you've run rails g devise:views so that you have

  • Login view app/views/devise/sessions/new.html.erb
  • Signup view app/views/devise/registrations/new.html.erb

Why not just hand code the links instead of using an if statement?

# signup view
<%= link_to "Log In", log_in_path %>

# login view
<%= link_to "Sign Up", sign_up_path %>

But if you really do want to use an if statement, you can use current_page?(named_path) to check. For example:

<% current_page?(log_in_path) ? link_to("Sign Up", sign_up_path) : link_to("Log In", log_in_path) %>
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