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I have a large function which has a vector defined as follows:

v <- mat.or.vec(length(communities), 1)
names(v) <- communities

And, I access the elements of v in a loop as follows

for(c in communities){
  v[c] = 1

When this code was written and tested, the list communities was a list of strings. But today when I ran this on a dataset which had all integer values in the communities list, my function crashed. It took me a while to figure out that when communities is a integer list, c is an integer and v[c] access the cth element of v and not the element of v with name c.

I can fix this problem by using something like v[as.character(c)]. There are many such variables which face the same problem.

Is there a more elegant solution to this problem?

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Well, the simplest change is in the for statement:

for(c in as.character(communities)){
  v[c] = 1

Or vectorized:

v[as.character(communities)] <- 1

Or to have even more control you could do the match yourself:

idx <- match(communities, names(v))
v[idx] <- 1
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Thanks! That helped. –  isEmpty Feb 6 '12 at 20:57

Not sure why you want to name the elements of a vector -- kind of a waste. Why not just do

v <- mat.or.vec(length(communities), 1)  # or better: v<- rep(NA,length(communities)  
for (i in 1: length(communities)) { 
     v[i] <- 1  

But if you need to work with the values of the elements of communities , then you will need to include some quote marks:

Rgames> mat.or.vec(3, 1)->bar
Rgames> names(bar)<-4:6
Rgames> bar
4 5 6 
0 0 0 
Rgames> bar['4']
Rgames> bar[4]

I'm assuming that you provided a simplified example, and you need to do something more complicated than simply setting the value of all elements of v to 1 .

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Yea, I needed to far more complicated things than assigning to 1. I couldn't include quotation marks because I had no control over how communities was generated. –  isEmpty Feb 6 '12 at 20:55

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