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I have been trying to integrate Google calendar into a Django application running on App Engine. I have managed to get the google-python-client-api working on my computer and even managed to get a Django app to run on my computer. However, I am unable to get the app compatible with the Django app that is deployed on the appengine. I tried importing all the dependencies - httplib, gdata, gflags but when I run that project it still gives me 500 error. Is there a way to make these 3 things play nice with each other or should I look to deploy Django natively somewhere else?

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What does the 500 error say (in the logs)? –  Daniel Roseman Jan 29 '12 at 11:08
hey! I'm sorry - I've just been trying so many different things in the past few days that I don't remember and can't find that project anymore. I am pretty close to getting it work with the django-social-auth app. If I try this again, I'll post it here! –  e7mac Jan 29 '12 at 21:00

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This is what finally solved my problem. :- I went into oauth2client/, and there's a conditional before the

CACHED_HTTP = httplib2.Http('.cache')

so I commented out the conditional so it uses the other case:

CACHED_HTTP = httplib2.Http()

automatically, and this one does not call makedirs.

Found on: -!topic/google-appengine-python/tIwjdy28MzQ

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