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I am using mac lion and eclipse indigo. I am trying set it up for java development. I found that I need to install a separate jdk from apple and do some configurations in eclipse. The problem is I can't find the installed jre page under Eclipse->preference->java. I am using a version of eclipse for C/C++ downloaded from the eclipse official page. I suppose that is the problem.

I just downloaded and tried another version of eclipse for java and I can find this page. This is odd. I don't want keep two eclipse. Does anyone know how to find the installed jre page in the eclipse for C/C++?

Thanks in advance!

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The JRE and java-related pages appear in the Java edition of Eclipse. If you downloaded the C/C++ version of Eclipse already and are happy with that, you need to install the Java modules for Eclipse within the C/C++ version. Likely, the easiest way to do that is to install the WTP module.

Go to Help->Install New Software... and specify the Indigo WTP update site http://download.eclipse.org/releases/indigo/

You can get more info on WTP here.

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If you install the Java version you can install the C++ tools (CDT) I am sure there is a JDT for Java too but I would need to reinstall eclipse to test.


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