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I have JSON array created having code like user_images.push({'href' : value.href, 'title' : value.title }); in some for_each loop. I wonder how to make element containing something like 'href' : my_href first in the array?

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It's an object. Why do you need them in a specific order? –  Blender Jan 29 '12 at 4:46

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Loop through the array to find the object with specific value, then remove it from the array and insert as first:

$.each( user_images, function( index ) {
    if( this.href === my_href ) {
        user_images.unshift( user_images.splice( index, 1 )[0] );
        return false; //stop the loop

user_images[0].href should be my_href now

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+1 for noticing the jQuery tag, which I did not until after posting my answer. (Oh well, now there're with and without answers...) –  nnnnnn Jan 29 '12 at 5:07

You don't have a "JSON array", you have a JavaScript array (JSON is a string representation of data).

But anyway, what you seem to be saying is that you have an array, user_images, which contains objects that each have an href property, and you want to make it so that the object with a particular href property is first in the array. The particular value you are looking for is stored in a variable called my_href. If I've got that right, read on...

I'm guessing your current code looks a little like this:

var user_images = [];
for (value in someObjectThatYouDoNotShowInYourQuestion)
   user_images.push({'href' : value.href, 'title' : value.title });

To find the item in the array that has an href equal to the variable my_href you can simply loop through the array until you find that item and then use the .splice() method to remove it from its current position and the unshift() method to add it to the beginning of the array:

var item,
for (i = 0; i < user_images.length; i++) {
   if (user_images[i].href === my_href) {
      item = user_images[i];

If no matching item is found the array will be unchanged.

Note: You don't actually need the item variable shown in my code. I put it in for readability, to make it obvious that you are storing a reference to the object you were looking for, then removing it, then putting it in at the beginning of the array, but given that the .splice() method returns an array of the removed item(s) you can replace those three lines within the for loop with this single line:

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