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Our company deals with various online contests. As a part of functionality we need to post questions with fixed options to our facebook page periodically. Any idea about how to implement this using facebook api?

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You can do it using graph api. The url will be {page_id}/questions. You need to pass the question as a string and options as an array.

Below code helps you to do that using facebook PHP SDK:

$question = $_POST['question'];
    $options = array($_POST['option1'], $_POST['option2'], $_POST['option3']);
    $api_params = array(
        'question' => $question,
        'options' => $options,
        'allow_new_options' => false
   $url=$facebook->api($_POST['select-page'] . '/questions', 'POST', $api_params);

Visit this link for demo and code samples

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What if I want to post a survey to wall (/me/feed) or something similar?? – StormByte Jun 13 '13 at 22:22

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