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I am planning to develop a rich set of plugins for Eclipse which would involve 3D Graphics rendering inside Eclipse.

Is JavaFX a good technology choice for developing a Eclipse Plugin?

Is there some other rich client technology that I am missing out on and which can be used to develop Eclipse Plugins (other than SWT and JFace)?

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Eclipse 4, the new major release of eclipse, (4.2 due this summer) is supposed to support non-swt frontends in RCP/Plugin development. However I am not sure how far along is the work to support javafx rendering.

You can find some info on E4 + JavaFX on Tom Schindl's blog and

Maybe Lars Vogel has also written something about this, I am not sure. Anyways Lars is IMO the best source on the internet when it comes to E4 and

Anyways, Eclipse 4 is the way to go/research if you need RCP without SWT. I do not think this is doable in Eclipse 3.x at all.

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I've just released a step by step tutorial how to use JavaFX inside an Eclipse View. See

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