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 public Product GetbyID(int id)
               //mycode Product p=..........

            catch (DataAccessException ex)
                throw new BusinessException(ex.ErrorCode);
            catch (Exception ex)

        return p;

Given above is a code snippet that i need to write test cases. here LogException(ex); is a static method in static class BusinessExceptionHandler

I have reference to Moq frame work 2.6.1014.1

How can I Moq the method BusinessExceptionHandler.LogException

I do prefer a mocking mechanism that don't need any change in method GetbyID

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I assume you meant public static? –  TrueWill Jan 29 '12 at 16:52

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Moq doesn't allow the mocking of static methods so you will probably need to change the working of the static method. One option is to have the static method call an instance method of a dependency. So you'll create a "Logger" class with a Log method and add a static Logger field / property (BusinessExceptionHandler.Logger) to your static class. In the real-world scenario you can populate BusinessExceptionHandler.Logger with a standard Logger instance, using it as a Singleton. For testing, inject a Mock into the BusinessExceptionHandler.Logger and set up your expectations and verify against the mock.

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Moq (and NMock, RhinoMock) will not help you here. You will have to create a wrapper class ( and virtual method ) around the LogException and use it in production code and test using that.

Or you can use a tool like TypeMock, Microsoft.Fakes etc ( http://stacktoheap.com/blog/2012/11/11/testing-extension-methods-with-microsoft-fakes/ ) if you absolutely cannot change your existing code.

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