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i want to change my ContextMenu based on my layout - and for that i need to determine what layout i`m using after the long click was clicked.

  • how can i determine my layout name ?

  • how can i use 2 different ContextMenu`s in one activity ?

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how can i determine my layout name ?

You must know it when you set it surely?

In your Activity set an instance member to the layout...

int myLayout = -1;

protected void onCreate(...) {

    if (foo)
        myLayout = R.layout.foo;
        myLayout = R.layout.bar;


how can i use 2 different ContextMenu`s in one activity

You can use any number of context menus in one Activity. You can have a different context menu for every single UI element in the Activity if you really want to. In other words each EditText or ImageView and so on can have its own. You just have to register them.

See the docs for onCreateContextMenu for how you create each context menu depending on which view it is.

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tanks! will do. –  Smoker09 Jan 29 '12 at 12:31

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