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I recently started to explore graph DB's, and I've decided to work more with neo4j. I understand that the nodes and edges in neo4j DB are arbitrary, and that one or more properties (key-value pairs, where the values must be of primitive types only) can be assigned to the nodes and relationships.

Is there a way to make objects of my own classes as NODES and EDGES, so that the proprties of the nodes and edges are encapsulated in the objects themselves?

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You mean a way of object-graph mapping?

You could look into Spring Data Neo4j or other mapping approaches like jo4neo or TinkerPop Frames.

an Example from Spring Data Neo4j

@NodeEntity class Person {
   @GraphId Long id;
   String name;

   Person spouse;
   Set<Person> friends;

   @Query("start me = node({self}) match me-[:friends]->friends-[:friends]->foaf return foaf")
   Set<Person> friendsOfFriends;
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