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I have a form that has a dropdown list. However, a user can register a new value (into the database as well) by clicking a button next to it.

I managed to register it thru AJAX approach. However, I failed to find a way to refresh the dropdown list so that a user can select the newly inserted value.

I tried location.reload(true) but this will erase the existing form inputs. Is there a way for me to just refresh the dropdown list, or refresh without inputs loss?

My JQuery looks like this

                alert('Supplier registration successful')

                //Clear the form's field
                    switch(this.type) {
                        case 'password':
                        case 'select-multiple':
                        case 'select-one':
                        case 'text':
                        case 'textarea':
                        case 'checkbox':
                        case 'radio':
                            this.checked = false;

            } else {
                alert('Supplier registration failed')

I am using django 1.3.1 framework fyi.

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why don't you redraw select, remove, update then create it again through Jquery! – Ahsan Jan 29 '12 at 12:37
@Ahsan Sorry, I am new to JQuery >< – Haikal Nashuha Jan 29 '12 at 22:16

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You can do by three ways. Try these..



$('#FormID').each (function(){ this.reset(); });


jQuery.fn.reset = function () { $(this).each (function() { this.reset(); }); }


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In the view that handles the AJAX request, have it re-render the form field & return the HTML. Then in the JS callback, swap it out with jquery: $('select[name="thefield"]').replaceWith(data). You may need to re-bind events to the newly inserted DOM fragment, if there are page events that fire when the dropdown changes.

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