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I have created an application in Rails 3.2, generated a controller page, added a default route, removed the public/index.html file and get the following error when navigating '/'.

Internal Server Error
comparison of Fixnum with :debug failed 

Detailed log: https://gist.github.com/1698521

Basically what the error is raised when adding the severity.


def add(severity, message = nil, progname = nil, &block)
  @log.add(severity, message, progname, &block)

Any ideas of why this is might be happening?


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The problem was that I set wrong the log level in an initializer:

Rails.logger.level = :debug

The issue is that the Logger class internally compares the attribute level with a Fixnum and that was the mistake, that I put a symbol. It should be done this way:

Rails.logger.level = 0

And, of course @Wilhelm is right about the best practice of defining root in the controller

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I have never seen that error but you should be using:
root :to => 'pages#demo'
instead of
get '/' => 'pages#demo'
in your routes file.

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Yes, that is a good practice, thumbs up, but it is not what caused the error. –  pdjota Jan 31 '12 at 21:44

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