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I'm trying to use Symfony 2 with Doctrine 2. But I have following problem: after creating class that in fact is neither controller nor model, I wanted to use there getEntityManager(). But how can I get this?

Thx in advance.

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You need to define this class a a service and then pass entity manager as an argument (either inside constructor or via setter).

For more info take a look at Service Container documentation.

Something like this:

        class:        Acme\HelloBundle\HelloClass
        arguments:    ["@doctrine.orm.entity_manager"]

And then the class would look like this:

// ....

class HelloClass
    private $em;

    public function __construct(\Doctrine\ORM\EntityManager $em)
        $this->em = $em; 

        // ....

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Ok, and an instance of that class is set by using $this->('my_hello_class') , but how do you access that outside of a model/controller when $this is not a model/controller? –  Nigel Angel Mar 31 '14 at 16:32

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