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We have contacts displayed as Name <123-456-767>

I want to fetch only the number part 123456767 if the specified address is a valid one.

Can anyone can help me !!!

Thanks in advance

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Whats your criteria for a valid address? Are you looking at using regular expressions here? –  REA_ANDREW Jan 29 '12 at 13:59

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Or, even simpler:

"Name <123-456-767>".replaceAll("[^0-9]", "");

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Use regular expressions:

private static final Pattern NUMBER_PART = Pattern.compile(".+ <([0-9\\-]+)>");


Matcher matcher = NUMBER_PART.matcher(contact);
if (matcher.find()) {
    String number_part = matcher.group(1);
    number_part = number_part.replace("-", "");
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public static String stripSeparators (String phoneNumber)

Since: API Level 1 Strips separators from a phone number string. Parameters phoneNumber phone number to strip

Returns phone string stripped of separators.

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