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What is the difference between Join and Union? Can I get a sample?

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UNION puts lines from queries after each other, while JOIN makes a cartesian product and subsets it -- completely different operations. Trivial example of UNION:

mysql> SELECT 23 AS bah
    -> UNION
    -> SELECT 45 AS bah;
| bah |
|  23 | 
|  45 | 
2 rows in set (0.00 sec)

similary trivial example of JOIN:

mysql> SELECT * FROM 
    -> (SELECT 23 AS bah) AS foo 
    -> JOIN 
    -> (SELECT 45 AS bah) AS bar
    -> ON (33=33);
| bah | bah |
|  23 |  45 | 
1 row in set (0.01 sec)
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Can you please tell me what is a UNION-JOIN and how can I accomplish it in standard SQL ? Maria DB has a command union join, but other databases don't. Thanks. – Borat Sagdiyev May 9 '14 at 18:27
It is really great answer, clarity with precise – Peter Parker Jul 22 '15 at 23:32

UNION combines the results of two or more queries into a single result set that includes all the rows that belong to all queries in the union.

By using JOINs, you can retrieve data from two or more tables based on logical relationships between the tables. Joins indicate how SQL should use data from one table to select the rows in another table.

The UNION operation is different from using JOINs that combine columns from two tables.

UNION Example:

SELECT 1 AS [Column1], 2 AS [Column2]
SELECT 3 AS [Column1], 4 AS [Column2]


Column1    Column2
1          2
3          4

JOIN Example:

SELECT a.Column1, b.Column2 FROM TableA a INNER JOIN TableB b ON a.Id = b.AFKId

This will output all the rows from both the tables for which the condition a.Id = b.AFKId is true.

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A Join is used for displaying columns with the same or different names from different tables. The output displayed will have all the columns shown individually. i.e. The columns will be aligned next to each other.


The UNION set operator is used for combining data from two tables which have columns with the same datatype. When a UNION is performed the data from both tables will be collected in a single column having the same datatype.

For eg:

See the two tables shown below:

Table t1
Articleno article price manufacturer_id
1 hammer 3 $ 1
2 screwdriver 5 $ 2

Table t2
manufacturer_id manufacturer
1 ABC Gmbh

Now for performing a JOIN type the query shown below

SELECT articleno, article, manufacturer
FROM t1 JOIN t2 ON (t1.manufacturer_id = 

articelno article manufacturer
1 hammer ABC GmbH
2 screwdriver DEF Co KG

That is a join.

UNION means that you have to tables or resultset with the same amount and type of columns and you add this to tables/resultsets together. Look at this example:

Table year2006
Articleno article price manufacturer_id
1 hammer 3 $ 1
2 screwdriver 5 $ 2

Table year2007
Articleno article price manufacturer_id
1 hammer 6 $ 3
2 screwdriver 7 $ 4 

SELECT articleno, article, price, manufactruer_id
FROM year2006
SELECT articleno, article, price, manufacturer_id
FROM year2007

articleno article price manufacturer_id
1 hammer 3 $ 1
2 screwdriver 5 $ 2
1 hammer 6 $ 3
2 screwdriver 7 $ 4

Hope this helps!

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They're completely different things.

A Join allows you to relate similar data in different tables.

A Union returns the results of two different queries as a single recordset.

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Union makes two queries look like one. Joins are for examining two or more tables in a single query statememt

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Remember that union will merge results (mssql to be sure)(feature or bug?)

select 1 as id, 3 as value
select 1 as id, 3 as value



select * from (select 1 as id, 3 as value) t1 inner join (select 1 as id, 3 as value) t2 on =



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This is according to the ANSI standard, UNION ALL does not merge the results – vzczc May 25 '09 at 5:34

You may see same schematic explanations for both but these are totally confusing.

see this image for UNION

see this image for JOIN

PS: I do not have enough points to post images

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UNION operator is just for combining two or more SELECT statements.

While, JOIN is for select rows from each tables either Inner, Outer, Left or right method.

refer here, and here . there is better explanation with examples.

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Any Moderns DBS, like Maria DB, implements a UNION JOIN command, this is a SQL3 command but isnt a lot knowned or used. Do you learn more on: enter link description here

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