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The like button on my site was working fine and had more than 270 recommendations but suddenly they disappeared and when I click on the button, it gives an error:

This page is either disabled or not visible to the current user.

I checked my URL on the debug tool but it gives me the same result each time that appears to be fine. I have no idea what is the problem or if my site has been blocked by them. How can I check if its blocked or find the problem? My URL is:

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Check this link:

As for your counts, you specified (

and the counts you're looking for are under (

The fix for this is your plugin code.

Add data-href="" to the plugin code and it will be back to the old like count. You will not be able to move the 6 current ones over though.

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Thanks for your reply :) – Amir Soleymani Feb 5 '12 at 1:38

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