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I am writing my multilevel navigation element(s), data coming from database. When I click menu item, I want to pass parameter to APP_CONTROLLER, which would do some magic for me.

How can I pass URL parameters to APP_CONTROLLER to have functionality, that would affect on all controllers?

URL: http://localhost/controller/function/id:5 or http://localhost/controller/function/5

If I try to fetch parameter(s) in APP_CONTROLLER like this

public function beforeFilter() {

$id = $this->params['id']; } }


public function beforeFilter($id) {

some code


I will get error messages like Undefined index... or Missing argument 1 for AppController::beforeFilter()...

I am pretty new to CakePHP, how this can be done? Or have I some fundamendal design flaw?

// Jari

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The first option is better.


public function beforeFilter() {
   $id = $this->params['id'];


$this->Html->link(__("menu 1",true), array('id'=>'1');

And do not forget to add "parent::beforeFilter();" in within "beforeFilter" at other Controllers.

I hope you help.

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Thanks, that does the trick :) –  Jari Kuokka Jan 30 '12 at 11:53
you're welcome. A trick I use to change language. –  del_dan Jan 30 '12 at 12:01

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