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How to handle exceptions with python library requests? For example how to check is PC connected to internet?

When I try

except ConnectionError:
    # handle the exception

it gives me error name ConnectionError is not defined

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Please include the traceback of the exception you're trying to handle. –  AdamKG Jan 29 '12 at 16:47

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Assuming you did import requests, you want requests.ConnectionError. ConnectionError is an exception defined by requests. See the API documentation here.

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for clarity, that is: except requests.ConnectionError:, NOT import requests.ConnectionError –  StackG Feb 22 at 10:52
@StackG Thanks for the extra clarity, I was trying to import the class directly. –  Jazzepi May 7 at 2:22

for clarity, that is

except requests.ConnectionError:


import requests.ConnectionError


You can also catch a general exception (although this isn't recommended) with

except Exception:
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