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I'm trying to show a list of all Tasks (including the associated project info for each) for a user on their 'show' page.

User has_many projects
Project belongs_to user
Project has_many tasks
Task belongs_to project

I want a list of all tasks for the user, with separate rows for each task even if they both relate to a single project. I will need to display the project name in the row as well as task name.


**Tasks for User 1**
Project 1  |  Task 1
Project 2  |  Task 2
Project 3  |  Task 3
Project 1  |  Task 4
Project 3  |  Task 5
Project 3  |  Task 6
Project 2  |  Task 7

Can anyone suggest how this with Rails 3?

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There are two ways. One uses a join:

@tasks = @user.tasks.joins(:projects).order("projects.id")

To make this work a user must have many tasks

has_many :tasks, through: :projects

The other method uses eager loading:

@projects = @user.projects.includes(:tasks)
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I think this is what I'm after. Can you give an example of outputting it in a view - ie referring to columns from both the projects and the tasks tables –  user1116573 Jan 29 '12 at 21:00
something to the effect of @tasks.each{ |t| [t.name, t.project.name].join("-") } –  Dan Fox Jan 29 '12 at 21:34
That's what I was after but I think your code should've been @tasks.each do |t| { [t.name, t.project.name].join("-") } –  user1116573 Jan 30 '12 at 19:37
# controller
@projects = current_user.projects.joins(:tasks)

# view
-@projects.each do |project|
  -project.tasks.each do |task|
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This isn't quite what I'm after because it loops through the projects and then the tasks. I think I worded my question wrong...sorry. I need to loop through the tasks and output project info for each as required so it may display a task for a project and then tasks for other projects and show a task for this project again further down the list (not necessarily together). –  user1116573 Jan 29 '12 at 21:05

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