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I am new in systemc. There is one confusion that I am having.

I am creating a sc_module(hello_world). The sc_ctor(hello_world) has nothing between the curly braces and I just have a simple void say_hello() function inside the module which prints "hello world."

In the sc_main, I did this:

hello_world hello; 

However, I am getting an error that error C2228: left of '.say_hello' must have class/struct/union.

I tried this and it worked:

in sc_main, I did this:

hello_world hello("hi "); 

Why it is showing error in the first place? I didn't use one argument constructor.

So, instead of hello_world hello("hi ") shouldn't it be hello_world hello ? I was just trying to compare with C++ class.

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Hi, can you post the whole module and main code ? –  Simon Desfarges Mar 29 '12 at 8:45

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I can´t see nothing wrong.

In fact, it seems to me, that you have the same code like this example -> http://www.asic-world.com/systemc/first1.html

I hope you could check your with this one.

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The macro SC_CTOR has created a hello(const sc_module_name name&) constructor for you. Therefor the compiler will not generate a default constructor for you to call and the object hello cannot be created.

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Inbuilt constructor after macro expansion must have an argument.

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