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I'm unable to highlight my assembly.

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No, but since Sublime Text 2 can read Textmate language definition files (.tmLanguage files), you could easily add support to Assembly by copying something like https://github.com/foxostro/x86-assembly-textmate-bundle to your "Packages" directory (C:\Users\hugo\AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text 2\Packages on my Win7).

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And I can recommend to check out my fork of it, as I found out this project to be very outdated even for x86 instruction set. –  13xforever Aug 14 '12 at 11:08
If you know basics of XML you can alter that to add additional commands. I've added support for strings and dw. –  Matthew D Auld Nov 30 at 6:17

There is now a much better answer to this:

In Sublime Text, just go to Preferences > Package Control > install packages. Once there search for "mips-syntax" and hit enter on the result.

Once it installs you should be able to select MIPS as the syntax highlighting for whatever file you're editing.

Edit: Of course, this does assume that your Sublime has Package Control. You can get package control to do this and more at: http://wbond.net/sublime_packages/package_control

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Like others, I noticed a distinct lack of SPARC syntax highlighting in Sublime Text 2, so I rolled my own. It's fully functional, and has its very own entry in Will Bond's Package Control. With Package Control installed, you can install my package in Sublime via Ctrl+Shift+P -> Package Control: Install Package -> SPARC Assembly Syntax.

Complete install instructions and usage tips are available on the Github project page.

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I've found another one Assembly x86 syntax definition.

It seems that this guy had done a huge amount of work, and keeps the syntax updated. At least at the time of writing the last change was 9 days ago.

He has also this post on Sublime forum.

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