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I'm using codeblocks to compile an app which uses mysql. Under CentOS 6 this app compiles fine (and I assumed used the .so file). Under CentOS 5 this same project file won't compile unless I go the to Project|Build Options|Linker|Link Libraries and add:


Otherwise I get linking errors like

*myfile.c|87|undefined reference to `mysql_use_result'|*

  1. Does that mean under CentOS 6 the linker is using the dynamic .so file, but under CentOS 5 it's using the static .a file?

  2. Is there a way to configure my project so that it links using the dynamic .so file too?

  3. I also have to add "libresolv" and "libssl" to the linker libraries or I got lots of errors. (And under CentOS 6 I don't). Is this the same problem?

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You have two issues here.

The first is that the correct way to link against mysql is to add -lmysqlclient to the link line, instead of attempting to link the static library directly. When you add -lx to the link line, the linker will search LDPATH for a file named libx.so (if a dynamic link) or libx.a (if a static link).

You should double-check that libmysqlclient.so is in the LDPATH and is a compatible architecture (keep in mind 64-bit vs 32-bit issues).

The reason you need to add -lresolv and -lssl as well under CentOS 6 is that the MySQL library no longer automatically pulls them in - in previous versions, it always would, but in CentOS 6 it properly does not. Generally you can use pkg-config to see what you need to link a certain library (or look at its .la file, if it installed one). You could also use libtool to do the linking, but I don't recommend that.

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