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I created a view that has contextual filter. Then I created a service (using Services module) to serve up views. For example, let's say my service name is search, and my view name is zoos with a contextual filter city. The following url will return the correct contents: http:/?q=search/views/zoos.json http:/?q=zoos/Austin

But if I do the following: http:/?q=search/views/zoos.json/Austin I will get 404 response.

How do I pass arguements to a view when using service? I'm using 7.10 with 3.1 for Services and Views.

I'd appreciate all of your response.

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Mayby this will help: drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/7591/… –  user1210862 Feb 15 '12 at 9:04
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I was only able to get contextual filters to work on the "views" resource in the service. I originally tried to create a "service view" and sleect it as the resource but wasnt able to get the endpoint to register my arguments either. If done as a a regular views resurce and specifying the view_id it worked like a charm.

THis seems to be a bug in the module but i wasnt able to devote time to chase it down since the alternative worked for me.

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