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I'm having a strange animation behavior just in IE7.

The site has two gallery with products: one gallery for Mens and other for women. At the beginning just one of them is visible, and when I click the other gender, the visible gallery animate to the right until being completly out of the browser, then the selected gallery shows coming from the right. so I have the following code:

    if(!$('#collectionsContainer #'+idClicked).hasClass('visible')){

                    $('.visible').stop(false,true).animate({left: '+='+prodListWidth},750,'easeOutExpo');
                    $('#collectionsContainer .productsList').removeClass('visible');                    
                    $('#collectionsContainer div#'+idClicked).delay(750).animate({left:'-='+prodListWidth+'px'},750,'easeOutExpo');

                    $('#collectionsContainer div#'+idClicked).addClass('visible');  


Neither the selected gallery shows neither it append the class 'visible'. The code just make the firs two instructions in IE7.

Any Ideas what could be wrong or How can I solve this issue??


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Is it because one of your animate() calls has +'px' and the other doesn't? (Also, you don't have more than one element with the same id do you? If you're selecting by id you don't need to include the element type or a parent element in your selector.) –  nnnnnn Jan 30 '12 at 1:38
Hi. thanks. No, the id is unique. At my first attempt I didn't have the 'px' and didn't work too. I removed the parent element in the selector, but didn't change anything. –  peterK Jan 30 '12 at 10:01

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